Breakfast Fruits Lunch Snack Dinner
Monday Semolina, dried apricots, warm tea             Mango Chicken meatballs soup, brown bread Yellow pepper, carrot Buckwheat, chicken chop, green peas
Tuesday Omelette baked in the oven, cucumber Strawberry Borsch with sour cream, beet salad, feta, bun Cheese, Apples                  Pasta with cheese, vegetable salad
Wednesday Cheesecakes with sour cream and jam, warm tea Banana      Fresh cabbage soup, brown bread Cookies, milk Rice, turkey burgers, avocado, lemon
Thursday Oatmeal with dried fruits, biscuits, milk Apple Chicken Noodle Soup Drinking yoghurt Potatoes in uniform with sausages
Friday Bread with butter, cheese, boiled egg, warm tea Oranges Green Pea Puree Soup, brown bread Kiwi/Mango Raisin Couscous with chicken dinosaurs